Natural Food Co


Want a obligation free diner presentation using the best cooking system..
We come to your home  and present a 3 hour presentation where you will get:

1. A fun information filled evening with a
 free large diner (usually a 5-7 course meal)

2. Shown why this is so unique and specially engineered complete cooking and food processing system.

3. Shown the major enemies to nutrition and health that we can conquer using  clever engineered cookware..The main culprits are:  excessive heat, water, time, peeling, steaming etc

4. Shown how this will pay for its self in time due to remarkable energy savings and nutritional preservation.
Its extremely fast and easy to use, has an interest free payment plan, lifetime warranty and does not leech chemical into the food.

It uses a patented surgical grade 316Ti stainless/titanium steel.
One of a kind

5. A easy business opportunity  with minimal investment opportunities if desired.  We need consultants on the sunshine coast area due to increasing demands and growth

6. See how you can get a unique and sought after Saladmaster food processing machine by a simple obligation free host program.  worth $570

Call Narelle on 0419773313 or

Tony 042 777 3339. 

We service the sunshine coast and wide bay areas.